The McAdo

2022 Summer Grand Production

It’s the show you love, in a brand new setting! The Mikado has been moved to the highlands of Scotland and becomes The McAdo. Gilbert’s libretto and Sullivan’s score will be kept virtually intact, while the scenery and costumes will reflect the Scottish moors. It’s a farcical tale of a wand’ring minstrel, a cowardly executioner, an iron-fisted ruler, and some of the greatest songs in musical theater!


Russell Gregory
The McAdo

Taylor Rawley
Nanky Doug

Reagan Murdock

Holton Johnson

Julius Young

Mary Kettlewell
Wynn Somme

Angela Irving
Pretty Jean

Amy Selby
Wee Jo

Bethany Ammon


Trinidad Agosto

Natalie Baker

Megan Barham

Jeffrey C. Brister

Patricia Combs
Jean Brodie

Megan Conlon

Garrett Cordes

Sabrina Ellis

Andy Fleming
Chorus Master

Leann Fryer

Bailey Maxine Gilmore

Grace Giramma

Brett Hardy

Janette Jones

Reese Landis

Matthew Leary

Ron McCormack

Sean Ryan Moran

Sydney Perez

Mindy Rast-Keenan

Ian Stillwell

Stefanie Taylor

Corin Vandenberg

Jay Young

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