Gilbert & Sullivan Austin strongly supports equal rights and equal opportunity for all persons and insists that Black Lives Matter, as do those of Indigenous Peoples, and People of Color.

Dedicated to the study and presentation of the 19th-century operatic works of Sir W.S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan, our company is fully aware that these were composed in a society with views and assumptions different from those of 21st-century Austin. As part of our mission of education, we will highlight these differences in program notes, public discussions, and marketing materials.

The current pandemic obliged G&S Austin to postpone from June 2020 a reimagined version of The Mikado, their most popular work, which we moved from a British pastiche of exotic 19th-century Japan to timeless but equally mythical Scottish highlands. We’d spent two years crafting The McAdo to remove aspects of traditional staging to which Asian Americans had objected, and we’d been delighted this was possible with very few modifications of the text.

G&S Austin encourages all performance artists and theatre technicians, especially those who consider themselves BIPOC, to consider joining the company’s endeavors and pledges continuing respect for diversity as we seek to attain the highest ethical and professional standards of education, performance, and stagecraft.

Please stay safe and be careful, as we look forward to seeing every one of you in a happier and healthier time!

Board of Directors
Gilbert & Sullivan Austin