The Pirates of Penzance

Premiere Watch Party
July 17th at 7:30pm
Video Available From
July 17th - Aug 2nd

About #DiscoverGSA

Each month for the next several months, Gilbert & Sullivan Austin will release a high-definition video of one of our recent award-winning productions. These full-length videos have only been available for DVD purchase, so we are excited to share them with you for free. For a limited time during the month of July 2020, we hope you will enjoy our 2017 Grand Production of The Pirates of Penzance.

About the show

Gilbert & Sullivan Austin presented as its summer 2017 Grand Production “The Pirates of Penzance; or, The Slave of Duty.” Nine performances were presented at the Worley Barton Theater at Brentwood Christian School, June 15-25. “The Pirates of Penzance” delighted Austin theatergoers of all ages who relish tuneful music, dazzling staging, and hilarious shenanigans by a band of soft-hearted pirates, bumbling bobbies, and sweet Victorian maidens—not to forget that very model of a modern Major-General!

“The Pirates of Penzance” premiered in New York City in December of 1879, where the show was well received by both audiences and critics. Its London debut was in April of 1880. It is without question one of the most popular shows in theater history, and it has been performed around the world continuously for over 138 years. “Pirates” was the fifth Gilbert & Sullivan collaboration, and it introduced the ever-popular and much-parodied “Major-General’s Song.”

The first act is set on the coast of Cornwall, at the time of Queen Victoria’s reign. We are introduced to a young Frederic as well as a band of tender-hearted pirates and their leader, the Pirate King. Soon Frederic meets Mabel, the daughter of the powerful Major-General Stanley, and the two young people instantly fall in love. Due to a topsy-turvy complication owing to the date of Frederic’s birth, bewilderment and hilarity ensue.

Act II is set in a ruined chapel on the estate of the Major-General. The Sergeant of Police and his corps set out with a plan to arrest the pirates due to their skull-and-cross-bones trade, but are unnerved by things they hear from the Major-General’s daughters. Frederic, always present with a keen sense of duty, strives to find his true love—as pirates, police, and lovely young maidens encounter the perils and ecstasy of love. In the end this pirate adventure brings happiness to all who are along for the marvelously musical and hilarious ride.

2017 Cast

Arthur DiBianca
Major-General Stanley

Sam Johnson
The Pirate King

Jake Jacobsen

Danny Castillo

Russell Gregory
Sergeant of Police

Patricia Combs

Suzanne Lis

Teri Johnson

Jaimie Lowe

Sarah Manna

2017 Chorus

Eleanor Anderson

Hannah Boyd

Garrett Cordes

Andy Fleming

Rosa Harris

Abigail Jackson

Janette Jones

David Kaufman

Robert LeBas

Susan Meitz

Jenny Ohrstrom

Iona Olive

Luke Pebler

Scott Poppaw

Glenn Russell

Erica Salinas

Trevor Senter

Rachel Silvers

Sarah Steele

Ian Stilwell

Brittany Trinité

Charlie Vazquez

Production Team

Ralph MacPhail, Jr.
Artistic Director

Jeffrey Jones-Ragona
Music Director

Bill Hatcher
Production Manager

Monica Kurtz
Stage Manager

Ann Marie Gordon
Set Designer

Jennifer Rogers
Lighting Designer

Matt Marks
Sound Designer

Pam Fowler
Costumes & Make-up Designer