About #DiscoverGSA

Each month for the next several months, Gilbert & Sullivan Austin will release a high-definition video of one of our recent award-winning productions. These full-length videos have only been available for DVD purchase, so we are excited to share them with you for free. For a limited time during the month of June 2020, we hope you will enjoy our 2012 Grand Production of Patience.

Patience will be available on June 12th.

About the show

Patience is the sixth operatic collaboration of fourteen by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. It was first performed in London in 1881, and was an immediate hit with audiences. A hilarious and touching comic opera, Patience satirizes the "aesthetic craze" of the 1870's and '80s, when the output of poets, composers, painters and designers of all kinds was indeed prolific but whose followers and admirers, some argued, were empty and self-indulgent.

Patience has some of Gilbert’s finest comedy and Sullivan’s most captivating tunes, adding up to a masterwork fully equal to their very best. It has wit, charm, poetry . . . and a delightfully complicated love triangle.

2012 Cast

Robert L. Schneider
Colonel Calverley

Donald Bayne
Major Murgatroyd

Wayne J. Davis
Lieut., the Duke of Dunstable

Arthur DiBianca
Reginald Bunthorne

Holton Johnson
Archibald Grosvenor

Russell Gregory
Mr. Bunthorne's Solicitor

Patricia Combs
The Lady Angela

Kate Clark
The Lady Saphir

Daytha A. Hulion
The Lady Ella

Janette Jones
The Lady Jane

Meredith Ruduski

2012 Chorus

Alice Ames

Daniel Brookshire

Andy Fleming

David Fontenot

Leann R. Fryer

Robert L. Frost

Jasmine Haghighatian

Rosa Harris

Zendel Y. Hernandez

John Hooker

Mark Long

Karlyn McCutchan

Jennifer McKenna

Jay Michael

Joshua T. Miller

Spencer Reichman

Rachael Shaw

Mario Silva

Abigail T. Stokley

Brittany Trinité

Jennifer Tullis

Jay Young

2012 Production Team

Ralph MacPhail, Jr.
Artistic Director

Jeffrey Jones-Ragona
Music Director

Bill Hatcher
Production Manager

Monica Kurtz
Stage Manager

Ann Marie Gordon
Set Designer

Jennifer Rogers
Lighting Designer

Matt Marks
Sound Designer

Pam Fowler
Costumes & Make-up Designer