Premiere Watch Party
September 17th 7:30 pm
Live on YouTube

Video Available From
Sep 17th - Oct 4th

Final Watch Party
October 4th 7:30 pm
Live on YouTube

About #DiscoverGSA

Each month for the next several months, Gilbert & Sullivan Austin will release a high-definition video of one of our recent award-nominated productions. These full-length videos have only been available for DVD purchase, so we are excited to share them with you for free. For a limited time during the month of September 2020, we hope you will enjoy our 2019 Grand Production of Iolanthe.

First performed in 1882, “Iolanthe” is the seventh of fourteen operatic collaborations by Gilbert and Sullivan. It is universally regarded as one of Sir Arthur Sullivan’s most beautiful scores - a high water mark in terms of music, wit, cleverness, and color – with incredible choruses, wonderful solos and orchestration beyond compare. Peers, British noblemen and honorable members of Parliament encounter Peris, lovelorn fairies from a golden glen – a collision of powerful mortals with feet of clay and immortal beings wielding magic wands. The result - havoc is wreaked in the House of Lords!

2019 Cast

Janette Jones

Leann Fryer

Corinna Browning

Bethany Ammon
Queen of the Fairies

Shelby Schisler

Holton Johnson

Angela Irving

Dalton Flake
Earl Tolloller

Sam Johnson
Earl of Mountararat

Arthur DiBianca
The Lord Chancellor

Russell Gregory
Private Willis

2019 Chorus

Trinidad Agostino

Frederick Bothwell III

Jeffrey C. Brister

Abbie Brown

Garrett Cordes

Andy Fleming

Chrishawn Michelle Floyd

Sofia Follman

Gavin George

Jasmine Groff

Brett Hardy

Tess Jackson

Courtney Katzmeyer

Royanne Kelly
The Lord Chancellor's Train Bearer

Matthew Leary

Linda Grace Perez

Alexandra Roubinek

Amy Selby

Ian Stillwell

Stefanie Taylor

Jay Young

Julius Young

2019 Production Team

Ralph MacPhail, Jr.
Artistic Director

Jeffrey Jones-Ragona
Music Director

Bill Hatcher
Production Manager

Monica Kurtz
Stage Manager

Ann Marie Gordon
Set Realization

Jennifer Rogers
Lighting Designer

Matt Marks
Sound Designer

Pam Fowler
Costumes & Make-up Designer